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1. What are the signs of insufficient insulation?
  Indoor Signs include…
    High heating bills in the winter and high electrical bills in the summer
    Rapid loss of house heat when thermostat is lowered
    Condensation around and on the glass of windows
    The ability to see the joints and joists in your attic
  Outdoor Signs include…
    Roof Dams
    Rapid snow melt from your roof, but not the houses around you


2. What type of insulation do you use?
The main type of insulation used by us at Beneficial Energy is blown cellulose.
We also use fiberglass and foam board installation.


3. Is there an additional cost for window grids?
There is an additional cost for grids on a window order. The exact cost is determined by the grid design and the number of sashes that require grids.

4. Can you fix my window without replacing it?
Yes, at Beneficial Energy we fix most window related problems. We can repair torn screens, replace broken glass, replace weak, ineffective glass with new Low E double pane glass, and can restore or replace faulty window balances.


5. How extensive is your screening repair ability?
With our knowledge we can repair anything from a small cut in your standard window screen to rescreening your entire screen house after serve storm or winter damage. We also can replace brittle spline and reinforce screened areas exposed to pets with specially designed pet screening.

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